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Human Resource Management: Role-play exercise – Employee Selection Methods

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1. To apply the theory of employee selection techniques to a role-play situation, with particular emphasis on:
2. Understanding the HR process of recruiting and appreciating the need to align the process with corporate strategy.
3. Dealing with the EEO issues.
4. Being able to design an appropriate selection process that is relevant to the job advertised.

Plan & Prepare for the Role Play:
The employers shall develop a suitable Person Description based on the given job advertisement and plan and prepare for the role-play. Care should be taken to ensure the selection process aligns with the job requirements and corporate culture.

Note: Reference material on discrimination (especially EEO and AA legislation) or other material relevant to recruiting and selecting employees shall be sourced. Accessing the relevant company websites may also assist in preparation on all parts
The solution is 'Employee Selection Method for Civil/Environmental Engineer
Maunsell AECOM'. A lot of care is required while recruiting employees for the post of a Civil / Environmental Engineer.

The person specifications is categorised under seven main heads, following the Seven Point Plan which was developed by Rodger in 1952.

Once the employers have advertised the job description and have received the applications from the prospective applicants, the next step for the employer is to decide the selection process to be used to choose the right applicant with the best skills and ability to fit into the company and adapt and accept the company’s culture and contribute to the company’s growth. While choosing a selection method the employers need to ensure the method is reliable, useful and valid.
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