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Managing Change: Rationale for Change

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Assessment Task 2 - Rationale for Change 
As a business management consultant, one of your specialties is to act as a Change Agent, which is a person who plans and implements positive changes to any client organisation that needs your services. 
As part of your wider marketing program, you are constructing a ‘Rationale for Change’ which will explain to any prospective client organisation what is involved in a change management process before they engage your services. 
As all change programs follow a similar process (which is then customised to suit the individual organisation) you will be formulating the Rationale (the explanation) for planning and implementing a generic change program which then can be adapted and customised for the individual client. 

In your Rationale, you will explain the entire process from inception to conclusion and produce a Report of your own design that encompasses (in order): 
1. An overview of what Organisational Change is 
2. Explain the benefits of consulting/utilizing a change specialist 
3. Questions for the organisation to consider when identifying the need for strategic change 
4. Strategic Objectives common to any change program, including what the steps are to develop key objectives for a change program 
5. Steps in a risk management/cost benefit analysis for change 
6. An explanation of the planning process to introduce and facilitate a change program (ie a Change Management Project Plan including communication plans, education plans, resources, timelines and evaluation strategies over a 6 month period) 
The ‘Rationale for Change’ Marketing Report is to be word processed, length 2000 words
The solution provides a detailed discussion of organisational change. Here the benefits of change specialists has been discussed along with the need for change and the strategic objectives of the change. Detailed step by step approach for the change program has been provided. The topics discussed include: a) organisational change, b) benefits of change specialists, c) need for change, d) strategic objectives, e) Risk Management and Cost Benefits for Change. f) Change program (step by step process), g) action plan, h) Training plan, i) risk assessment and j)  resistance assessment.The paper has been presented and referenced in MLA format.
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